Residents are delighted as Waveney Brow's 'hole in the wall' is finished

Dessie Blackadder


Dessie Blackadder

RESIDENTS of a Ballymena housing development are delighted with their new entrance feature - even if it did take almost a quarter of a century to get the job completed.

When the Waveney Brow development was finished 22 years ago, the builders left a wall with a recess which was due to to be fitted with a decorative sign.

But somehow the ‘hole in the wall’ never got filled and despite occasional enquiries and the odd phone call to authorities, the residents seemed to make no headway.

But the empty space continued to grate on the locals’ nerves as it became a target for graffit on several occasions.

Jennifer Sloan explains: “This is a busy main road so a decent feature showing where we are is helpful for first time visitors and delivery men.


“But the drive to get the sign completed actually turned into a great way of creating a great neighbourhood spirit.”

And that’s where independent Cllr. Rodney Quigley comes into the story.

Jennifer continues: “I’d seen social media and paper reports about Rodney helping on the ground with various projects so I thought I’d ask him if he could get something going.

“To my surprise he was back to me right away to find out what we needed and to offer his help.”

Cllr. Quigley said he was happy to help the residents to finish the entrance feature after so many years.

“It just seemed wrong that the hole had been left. I have a few contacts and I approached Ryan Wright Signs and Embroidery and he was on the ball right away and even sponsored the sign’s erection.

“I and the residents would really like to thank him for his help.

“The sign was sorted double quick and I used my DIY skills to get it fitted,” he laughs.

“The local community then took part in a clean up and trim back of old bushes which had really overgrown at the entrance to the estate.A great deal of accumulated rubbish was cleared up.

“It seems to have worked as a great neighbourhood builder,” said Rodney.

Maurice McGarry, the longest resident at Waveney Brow, said he was glad to see the final piece of the jigsaw going into place.

“To be honest, I thought that silly gap on the wall would be there forever. It’s great to see it completed after all these years.”

Jennifer added: “All the people here are grateful for Cllr. Quigley’s help with these projects. He really did us proud.”

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